Saturday, 14 January 2017

New arrivals and some observations.

I recently obtained NAC and UNSC/H starter packs from GZG. Usually I am very satisfied with my GZG purchases. Initially I was a little put out to discover that there is a significant size difference between these two figure ranges and the other GZG figures I already have.

Upon opening them I immediately noticed the considerable level of flash on the figures. Clearly the moulds were older and had seen a lot of wear. The figures themselves are still very good quality, they just required a bit more cleaning up than my previous GZG purchases.

When I compared them to some of the new sculpt GZG figures, I was relieved to find that the difference in size is not that noticeable.

 From left to right: UNSC/H Marine, ORC Marine NCO, IF NCO, UNSC/L Rifleman, Armoured Police SWAT Trooper.
 From left to right: FSE Colonial Legion NCO Kra'Vak Leader, Ravager, ESU Naval Infantry NCO, NAC Marine NCO, Robot Rifleman.
 From left to right: UNSC/L Trooper, Armoured Police SWAT Trooper, NSL J├Ąger NCO, NSL Panzergrenadier NCO (his face needs some work), Crusty Rifleprawn.

 In the above photos you'll notice a UNSC/L Trooper. Jon's Christmas deal included a two packs of UNSC/L rifles, an NAC six wheeled buggy and couple of packs of NAC Power Armour (shown below). 
 From left to right: ESU Black Bear Power Armour, NAC Power Armour, NSL Power Armour, Crusty Power Armour.

The NAC power armour is considerably smaller than the others, so I'm thinking of classifying them as a Light Power Armour Suit. In fact it is actually smaller than some of the unpowered infantry figures shown above. Given its size I'm also thinking of making NAC Power Armour a mostly female unit with exceptions made for particularly small males who otherwise meet enlistment requirements. 
NAC Power Armour  (at least this particular model) will likely carry less firepower, but would make up for it with speed and manoeuvrability. 

Despite being initially disappointed, I am fairly happy with this purchase. Despite the flash they are still good quality figures and I'd recommend them to other gamers.

One thing I did notice when writing this post and comparing the figures. Some figure ranges share certain things.
For instance the IF and ESU both use the same SAW, Sniper Rifle and the same Man Portable Missile/Rocket Launcher. 
Also the NSL and the Robots use the same AMR.

 From left to right: ESU SAW Gunner, IF SAW Gunner, IF Missile Operator, ESU Missile Operator.

  From left to right: Robot AMR, NSL PzGren AMR, ESU Sniper, IF Sniper

As I understand it this is part of the GZGverse (Tuffleyverse) background where factions often use the same equipment, much the same as military forces in our present time. Whether they are licence built, unauthorised copies or the result of military assistance programs, it doesn't matter much but it can add flavour to your setting. 
In the Tuffleyverse, factions also use the same vehicles but apparently they have different designations depending on the faction. 
In the Stargrunt II rulebook it states that the FSE's AGCI-5B GEV APC is licence built in the OU as the Wombat GEV APC. Also artwork in the book depicts a LKPzW VI MICV with its NSL PzGren Squad, the MICV looks remarkably similar to the Gauntlet Hover APC seen on the GZG website. So either the NSL uses a licence built version or it is a NSL design exported as the Gauntlet. 

I rather like these little linkages between the different GZG miniatures.

Five Alpha, out.